Clinical Services

Embodied Recovery offers group services for individuals struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and related disorders.


Embodied Recovery Clinical Group

Human beings and human bodies are pre-programmed for healing and recovery. Embodying Recovery, an experiential, somatically integrated process group for adults recovering from eating disorders, explores how to access this innate drive. By tapping into the connection between mind and body, we unlock this healing potential. Through playfully and mindfully experimenting with movement, posture, and imagination, we build the physical framework to support the recovery process and deepen the effectiveness of traditional treatment approaches such as DBT, ACT, CBT and Internal Family Systems.

Concepts explored in this 12 session group include:

  • Listening to what the body is saying rather than what you are saying about your body.  
  • Enhancing embodiment through mindfulness and full-mindedness
  • Bottom-up (how body experience inform emotions and thoughts) vs. top-down processing (how thoughts inform emotions and body experiences)
  • Mindful tracking of somatic (body), affective (emotion), and cognitive (thoughts) organization of experience
  • Body-mind building blocks for healthy attachment
  • Boundaries-physical, emotional, interpersonal and energetic.
  • Trust
  • Giving and receiving help and support
  • Creating safety
  • Embodiment of DBT skills such as radical acceptance

At this time there are no current groups being offered. For information on upcoming groups please contact Rachel Lewis-Marlow, MS, EdS, LPC, LMBT at (919) 593-4763 or email at