Consultation Services

Embodied Recovery Institute offers consultative services for individuals, groups, and treatment centers. See examples of our services below.


Consultation for Out-Patient Providers

Individual Format:  Typically involves 60-minute in-person, web-based video or tele-conferencing to review cases using EMBODIED RECOVERY model.

Group Format:Typically involves 90-minute in-person, web-based video or tele-conferencing from 2 to 6 providers to review cases using EMBODIED RECOVERY model.



Consultation for Treatment Program/Agency

Program Development Consultation:

  • focus on strategic planning of the EMBODIED RECOVERY model.
  • Coordinating and enhancing current program to implement EMBODIED RECOVERY model.
  • Review current programming to identify opportunities for coordination of current services to maximize collaboration and integration of somatic, cognitive, affective and behavioral interventions which support EMBODIED RECOVERY model.
  • Development of protocols for additional programing to augments current services.
  • Development of protocols for communication and consultation to maximize team approach to treatment.

Clinical Consultation

  • Typically offered in 90-minute video calls to support team and individual providers in case conceptualization, treatment planning and mastery of EMBODIED RECOVERY intervention protocols.

Interested in consultation? Contact us at 919-972-8381 or for more information on our consultative service.