Level I: Somatically Trained Practitioners

This 3-day (18-hour) course is designed to support providers who have advanced training in somatic psychotherapy (i.e. Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy or equivalent) but limited exposure to the etiology and treatment of disordered eating. The training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of eating disorders highlighting the etiology, trends in interventions, and the emerging research. It will provide advanced strategies for working with eating disorders using somatic interventions

Training Goals

  • Gain awareness of the basic symptomology of and DSM V diagnostic criteria for Eating Disorders.
  • Learn how the attachment and defensive system are expressed through eating disorder symptoms.
  • Gain skills in comprehensive assessment using the somato-psycho-social model.
  • Explore the connection between trauma, attachment, eating, and digestion.
  • Deepen somatic practices that work with the attachment and defensive systems.
  • Understand benefits and limitations of traditional ED treatment for In-patient, Residential, PHP (intensive outpatient), and outpatient levels of care.
  • Understand the ethics, efficacy, and protocol for usage of a team approach to treating eating disorders.
  • Identify the link between developmental movement patterns and character strategies.
  • Select specific somatic resources to facilitate embodiment, increase somatic attunement between client and therapist, and enhance effectiveness of current treatment interventions.
  • Expand knowledge of somatic practices to utilize during pre, during, post meal support.

Upcoming Level I Practitioners Trainings