Bringing the Body to the Forefront of Eating Disorders Treatment


Welcome to EMBODIED RECOVERY – a trauma-informed, relationally oriented, and somatically integrative approach to the treatment of eating disorders that draws from the latest research in traumatology, interpersonal neurobiology, and child development.

Drawing on principles from Somatic Experiencing™, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®, Sensory Integration, and Body-Mind Centering®, EMBODIED RECOVERY offers training, consultation, and program development for health and mental health professionals.



Practitioner Trainings

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Level I: Introduction to Embodied Recovery

This course is designed for mental and physical health professionals who are currently working with clients who have eating disorders. Practitioners will have an opportunity to expand their own level of embodiment, gain skills in co-regulation, and expand their knowledge of somatic interventions that work directly with the attachment and regulatory systems driving disordered eating behaviors. 

Level II: Moving Through Barriers to Embodiment. Applying the Embodied Recovery Model

This course is designed for eating disorder professionals and somatically-trained providers who have completed Level One.  LEVEL TWO training offers participants an in-depth exploration of concepts introduced in Level One:  the relational cycle and developmental movement patterns (push, reach, pull, grasp, and yield) which make up the somatic building blocks of attachment, the defense/protective system (fight, fight, freeze), and the character strategies as expressed through specific types of disordered eating behaviors.

Upcoming Trainings